A feature from our partner Innosuisse

In Switzerland, cybersecurity is a common field for start-ups. OneVisage SA is one such start-up, and has benefited from support from Innosuisse at various levels. Using 3D face verification, the Lausanne-based company has developed a strong authentication system to protect user data and prevent data theft and phishing attacks.

The systems developed by OneVisage SA are intended for large software integrators, cybersecurity providers and identity and access management (IAM) solution providers. To this end, the start-up has created software development kits and white label solutions for access control and application connection. A sensor recreates the face in 3D, then converts it into a mathematical model. This model is then compared to the one saved when the user was added to the system.

The CEO of OneVisage SA believes this technology has no downsides. “The rate of rejection for 3D face verification is virtually nil and impersonation is proving to be impossible. In addition, this technology is very convenient, as the user does not have to do anything: just look at the 3D camera. And it works regardless of lighting conditions or ethnicity.”

OneVisage SA received help from Innosuisse to be able to innovate and develop its model. Notably, the start-up successfully completed an innovation project with ETH Zurich and the University of Basel. This project demonstrated that “3D face verification offered the best user experience, the best level of security and the best cost effectiveness”. OneVisage was also the first Swiss start-up to receive the Innosuisse Certificate, which helped it refine its growth strategy.