Chairman Daniel Berger Berger Consulting SCM
CEO SCSD Béat Kunz Cyber Resilience Ltd
SCSD President Doris Fiala National Councillor
Member Philippe Crausaz Crausaz & Partenaires Stratégie et Communications SA
Member Vincent Bifrare Sàrl, Founder & Manager
Member Wolfgang Berns School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg
Member Damir Bogdan Actvide AG, Digital Transformation Advisory
Member Christoph Koch Cisco – Lead Cyber Security & Defense
Member Claude Friderici Fribourg cantonal police – Head of General Services
Member Markus Kaegi SIX, Senior Product Manager Cyber Security Services
Member Nicolas Mayencourt DreamLab Technologies AG, Founder & CEO
Member Paul Such Hacknowledge SA, Founder & Director
Member Jean-Jacques Suter SWICO – Director
Member Alexandre Vautravers GCSP, Leadership in Conflict Management
Member Marc K. Peter DreamLab Technologies AG, Global Chief Commercial Officer
Member Gerald Vernez DDPS – Delegate for Cyber Defense
Member, Advisor Innovation & Education Blaise Roulet State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI
Member André Duvillard DDPS – Delegate for the Swiss Security Network