Swiss Cyber Security Days 2022


With digitization, mankind has created the fifth dimension, the key to the metaverse or utopia. Digitization and the Internet have developed into an all-pervasive dimension alongside land, water, air and space, but with serious security gaps for society and individuals. The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) on April 6 and 7, 2022, at the Forum Freiburg will be dedicated to this fifth dimension.

With a little ironic excursion to the biblical Genesis, the SCSD 2022 focus on the crossroads between utopia and dystopia: In the beginning there was nothingness, then humans came. They created the machine, separated space from cyberspace and saw that it was good. The fifth dimension awoke, and then the machine saw that it was good! The further the so-called metaverse expands into all areas of our society and thus enlarges the fifth dimension, the more important the aspect of security becomes. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic is not only the biggest digitalization accelerator, but also a crime catalyst. The number of known serious security breaches in Switzerland has more than doubled since the outbreak of the pandemic, from over 42,000 in 2019 to almost 114,000 at present. In Germany, malicious attacks and cybercrime have already caused losses of 6.6 percent of gross domestic product, according to calculations by Bitkom, the German information and telecommunications industry association.

Besides an adapted concept with a combination of exhibition space and conference rooms on one level, the visitor guidance for the SCSD2022 will also be optimized with an online platform and the knowledge transfer will be better integrated. In the primary conference part, in addition to ongoing news, the focus will be on this fifth dimension and its currently primarily profit-oriented influence on society, health, politics, economy and individuals.

Planned for the morning of Wednesday (6.4.2022) under the heading “National Security” are a report on the state of the nation and areas such as the military, police and international relations. In the afternoon, the focus will be on global industrial policy and a contribution on the United States. Thursday (7.4.2022) morning will focus on cybersecurity in the Swiss economy, particularly among SMEs, prevention and the insurance industry, as well as the potential of domestic innovation in cyber. High-profile keynotes from national and international opinion leaders are planned for the afternoon. As usual, vertical elements such as finance, healthcare, mobility and industrial production will also be incorporated into the topics.