SCSD Head of Program Commission (P) Nicolas Mayencourt DreamLab Technologies AG, Founder & CEO
SCSD Chairman Advisory Board (VP) Daniel Berger Berger Consulting SCM
SCSD President Doris Fiala National Councillor
Member Monique Morrow
President of the Humanized Internet
Member Patricia Egger Security officer at Kudelski Security
Member André Duvillard DDPS – Delegate for the Swiss Security Network
Member Gerald Vernez DDPS – Delegate for Cyber Defense
Member Blaise Roulet State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI
Member Alexandre Vautravers GCSP, Leadership in Conflict Management
Member Paul Such Hacknowledge SA, Founder & Director
Member Damir Bogdan Actvide AG, Digital Transformation Advisory
Member Béat Kunz SCSD – CEO
Member Andreas Schneider
SCSD Media Officer – Conference Management