Swiss Cyber Security Days 2021

Cyber and the forgotten promise

The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) will take place on 10 and 11 March 2021 at the Forum Fribourg. The theme of the third edition of the Swiss Platform for Cyber Security is the forgotten promise of a reasonable Internet. Why technology has left its path to utopia and become a data universe for technology giants.

In an adapted concept with a combination of exhibition space and conference rooms on one level, visitor guidance is optimized and knowledge transfer is better integrated. In the primary conference section of the next edition, in addition to current issues, the focus will be on topics that tend to bring meaning and purpose back into cyberspace and discuss its current, mainly profit-oriented influence on society, health, politics, economy and individuals. In addition, March 11th will also feature an integrated special programme aimed at SMEs and their special needs in the field of cyber security.

“The technology behind the Internet was created to achieve new transparency and undiscovered values for the user”, SCSD program director Nicolas Mayencourt is convinced. “Today we experience the hangover after the rush. The longer we have made our lives dependent on the dimension cyber, the more one-sided its benefits have become. It became a medium for providers and data collectors”. The SCSD will therefore devote two full days to those who believe that the promise of a meaningful Internet can be restored. This includes national and regional players, security ideologues, but also technology giants that have shaped the world today.

The core topics are “National Security” with Defense, E-Government, Workforce Development and Hyper Connected Society, “SMEs” with technologies, data protection, IoT, Artificial Intelligence or 5G as well as “Identity” with privacy, facial recognition technologies and the influence on physical security. Vertical elements such as finance, healthcare, mobility and industrial production will also be included in the discussions. Swiss Cyber Innovation and Swiss Cyber Education will be given again a special place in the 2021 edition: On the one hand, promising new ideas and start-ups will be presented, and on the other hand, the Swiss universities of applied sciences and universities will showcase their current cyber security projects.

The Swiss Cyber Security Days
As the Swiss platform for cyber security, the Swiss Cyber Security Days have set themselves the goal of presenting essential topics that represent the relevant challenges in the area of cyber in our society. The focus is on politics, business, education and research. All actors involved should find the national platform for information exchange, inspiration and meetings with the leading experts in cyber security. The SCSDs focus on the core values of transparency, knowledge transfer, open communication & discussion.

Fribourg, 07.07.2020

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