Our Vision

Like no other national organisation, the Swiss Cyber Security Days connects Swiss leaders and thinkers with their international peers and bridges the knowledge gap between technology and humanity for current and future solutions in cyber security.

Our Mission

The Swiss Cyber Security Days and the platform „SCSD 365“ bring together players from technology, business, politics, research and the public on the global topic of cyber security. It is the authoritative Swiss platform for consultants, system integrators, developers and providers of proven solutions. The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) and the “SCSD 365” connect experienced national and international representatives, a field with great interactive potential reflecting Swiss technical expertise and innovative solutions. To successfully accomplish their goals, the SCSD is supported by influential partners from business, research, education and the media.


  • to transparency

  • to knowledge transfer

  • to open communication & discussion

  • to business development

  • to a growing community

We create transparency
  • by getting politicians to disclose their strategies;
  • by asking the national security bodies about their knowledge;
  • by documenting technological progress in threat as well as security.
We create knowledge transfer
  • by curating our content and relying on research;
  • by providing content focused on target groups;
  • by seeing cyber security as a vision.
We create open communication
  • by guaranteeing direct access to our experts;
  • by discussions moderated in a nonjudgmental manner;
  • by refusing censorship and commercially placed content on the main stage and by not allowing threatening statements.
We create economic development
  • by strategically collaborating with associations, chambers and the education sector;
  • by actively dealing with the requirements of the market and representing them to the political community;
  • by opening up our platform to all providers and above all by giving a voice to those who depend on synergies (start-ups, research, …)
We develop for the growing community
  • content that enriches their everyday life (knowledge, synergy development or transparency) throughout the year;
  • working closely with the media houses and the placement of the most important trends:
  • create platforms to promote and exchange – virtually and physically throughout the year.